Performance at: Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th at 10:00-16:00 at Womens' Museum
Dhyaana is Sanskrit for contemplation, meditation, mental activity. Analogous with some of the mind’s previous experiences playing a role in actual considerations around what is happening just now, Dhyaana takes recycled material, put together and reworked through collage, into it’s very own story. 

In the sound-work two main components in contrasting dialogue are found: Hinduistic song/Indian ambient sound, placed against parts of Birgitte Alsted’s 2002 work “zu versuchen, die Fragen”: – a short text by the German poet Rilke receives in this work a counterpoint from his, ultra expressive door creaking, door slamming from the stairway, clinks from the metal balustrade, etc. via sound recordings from the DIEM studio and sound environment in the old Aarhus Concert Hall, where DIEM at that time was housed. 

- The creation of “zu versuchen...” with electronic treatment etc. took place in the old DIEM-studio, and Dhyaana (2009-11) – with the Indian elements (partly taken from Katja Bjørns sound recordings in India, partly from the internet) – was produced/remixed/created in the new DIEM studio. 

On a par with the sound work, the spatial installation is created as a collage with recycling of physical objects as well as subjective memories and layers from the collective subconscious. The experience of the work is a walk in space, in the past and present, across cultures and everyones own personal ‘pulterkammer’. 

Dhyaana is created so that it can stand by itself as a sound-work but in connection with the SPOR Festival the visual artist Birgitte Kristensen has created a spatial visual dimension to the work which can be experienced on the highly atmospheric loft of the Women’s Museum. 

The production of the sound-work Dhyaana is supported by loans from the DIEM studio as well as support from the Council of Aarhus Culture Development Pool.

Supported by the DIEM studio, Aarhus Kommune-Kulturudviklingspuljen and The Danish Arts Foundation.

Mark Knoop