Performance at: Friday 6th of May kl. 19:30 at Entré Scenen
Walk & Talk
Lecture performance by Mette Ingvartsen

In this lecture performance Mette Ingvartsen departs from the ideas that gave rise to her latest group performance GIANT CITY, in order to create a new and different encounter with the audience. In this encounter language and movement have the same place and are given the same value.  Moving and talking are considered parallel activities that inform each other in a multi-tasking activity. 
She speaks about everything from concrete processes in choreographic movement work to more abstract metaphors and fictional exemplifications.

The lecture was created in the context of the Walk and Talk series in Bruxelles, a project initiated by Viennese choreographer Philipp Gehmacher where he invited 10 choreographers to "walk and talk" about their work.

In this context Mette Ingvartsen wrote ‘It might become a walk+talk about ways of looking and listening, or perhaps about ways of perceiving. About sensing, hearing and touching. About audiences and spectators and about cross-sensorial information. Or maybe it will simply be about choreography, about the desire to talk through movement or to be moved by talking.’
Selbstversuch, die Andern