Performance at: Thursday the 5th of May at 19:30 at Institut for ( X )
Artist: Benoit Maubrey
Ballet a LARSEN
(2011), First performance, ca 45 min
The Guitar Monkeys (special local guest stars)
Larsen Ensemble (portable loudspeakers with microphones): Henriette Jensen, Mads Engell, Kaj David, Juri Vagner 
Audio Ballerina (electroacoustic tutu with sampler and music box): Iben Engberg
Audio Ballerino (electroacoustic box with sampler): Kasper Daugaard Poulsen
Audio Geisha (electroacoustic kimono with sampler and light triggers): Lisbeth Sonne Andersen
Feedback Fred (phonic character): Benoit Maubrey.

Benoit Maubrey about "Danse a Larsen"

I work and compose with sound: creating three-dimensional sculptures that are perceivable through the ear.
I use air and sounds moving through it, much in the same way that a sculptor uses clay or wood: as a modern medium to create surprising artworks.

Since 1983 I have been building mobile and multi-acoustic sound sculptures for public spaces. My wearable sound systems or "audio clothes" allow me to work with sound in public environments by interacting acoustically and site-specifically with the environment. Feedback as an electro acoustic phenomenon involving microphone, loudspeaker and the room surrounding it is an ideal instrument for me to work with. By creating mobile feedback units that move through an indoor area and interact with the architectural space I can use the air and the space itself as sculptural elements for my work.

Commissioned and produced by SPOR festival. Supported by the Danish Art Council-Aktualitetspuljen and The Danish Art Council’s DIVA-programme. Thanks to Papagallo and DIEM/The Royal Academy of Music.

A Tradition of Fragments and Miniatures