Saudades Inocentes
(2011), First performance

With a point of departure in SPOR’s 2011 theme around the body and senses the idea arose for a work based on the sound of 3 bodies and 3 ages – boy, young man and old(er) man. As a mist beneath and around these, three flows a feminine universe.

The title – 'Saudades Inocentes' – can probably closest be translated to “Innocent Yearnings”, but the Portuguese word “Saudade” indicates something far stronger than a ‘common’ longing after something or someone. It is often a desperate longing after that which cannot be reached, either because it is not to be found or because it has been lost forever. A longing that is completely unexplainable and which can be innocent, or – should one consider it less innocent – one can feel oneself innocent in bearing.

An innocent longing for an impossible union – not necessarily with another person – but the impossibility of melting together with life – oneself – and therefore becoming whole as a person.

The work is written for three male voices, guitar, accordion and a landscape of loudspeakers, from which the sound of women – their voices, their steps – are heard. Through the work’s six movements all the voices - the boy, the little girl, women and men – sing against and with one another.

Commissioned and produced by SPOR festival and Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

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