Performance at: Saturday the 7th of may at 13:00, 14:30, 16:00. Meetingpoint: Granhøj Dans
Gehörte Stadt

"Gehörte Stadt" invites you to see with you ears. All you need to participate is a little confidence, lots of curiosity and open ears.

To provide a undisturbed perception of the numerous sounds and acoustic spaces of Aarhus, a personal guide will lead you and take care of your safety. You will be lead blinded through the city and experience Aarhus in a new way through your ears: Often heard sounds will come to your ear,  and will be heard more consciously. Every day we miss out supposedly unspectacular acoustic events that are characteristic for the sound of a city.
Does everything sound different when we don't see? Can you tell that you are in Aarhus?

Gehörte Stadt is developed by KNM Berlin and Ausland and is a project under

Route-Design Aarhus: Niels Rønsholdt and Thomas Bruns

Registration is necessary for Gehörte Stadt/Analogue: Registrate here

Jennifer Walshe