Performance at: Saturday the 7th of May after Gehörthe Stadt, at Teater Refleksion
Artist: Joanna Bailie
Performers: SCENATET
(2011), First performance

Joanna Bailie about "Analogue"
is a piece for amplified string trio, tape and camera obscura. It continues my work/obsession with the camera obscura that started a few years ago in C.O. Journeys, a performance that I made with the scenographer Christoph Ragg. Analogue, however, is a music theatre work of sorts and as such concentrates on the parallels, be they either real, possible or imaginary, between sound and vision.

The basic material for the piece comes from two field recordings that I made and then manipulated electronically. All the music for the trio is derived from the electronic sound and on another level, Analogue also deals with the relationship/parallel between the "real" and the transcribed material — and the gap that exists between them.

I'd like to thank Shila Anaraki for her help in working out the dramaturgy of the piece and John Croft for making me the patch that I used to process the electronic sound. The quotation about Henri Bergson is from "Great Philosophies of the World" by C.E.M. Joad.
Last but certainly not least, my co-composer in this piece is Robert Browne Hall —  his Officer of the Day March provides the material for the second half of Analogue. Unfortunately the identity of the musicians is unknown to me, ironically it was a "blind" (but still very lucky) field recording that I made in Copenhagen in spring 2010 a couple of days before the Queen of Denmark's 70th birthday.

Commissioned by SCENATET. Produced in collaboration between SCENATET and SPOR festival. Supported by Danish Composers Society’s Production Pool and KODA’s Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes, The Flemish Minister of Culture and The Danish Art Council’s DIVA-programme.

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