Performance at: Sunday the 8th of May at 14:00-17:00 in Lyseng swimming station
ca. 10 min.

Audio massage is a treatment using sound as therapeutic instruments in a playful way. The massage is not based on bodily contact; instead the person is experiencing relaxation by focusing on sounds plaid on divers small objects.

The air sound massages are given in the form of mini concert of approximately 10 minutes, for a person sitting, practiced by an artist in his back, close to his ears.

In different phases of the personal and intimate performance the treated person is discovering a meditational state of mind by concentrating on the sources of sound, localizing them, and finally immerging into the reduced immaterial scenery of sound signals.
The performative experience is a matter of confidence and consists on the non-verbal interchange between artist and observer.

Audio masseurs: Bent Sørensen, Ole Jørgensen, Hélène Navasse, Stefan Baur, Alexandre Babel, Theo Nabicht.

In collaboration with KNM Berlin.

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