Performance at: Saturday the 7th of may at 20:00 in Granhøj Dans
Artist: Ellen Fellmann
Performers: Arnulf Ballhorn
order of things
(2011), First performance

Ellen Fellmann about "order of things"
Our experience shows more and more how powerless we human beings are in comparison to what we created. My arrangement lines up one person (Counter bass Musician) against a world of lines and structures, we created ourselves. His body is in complete subjection to the claustrophobic and alternating space-environment.

The musician tries self-assertion against more and more overwhelming, monopolizing and less controllable environments and alternating spaces – sometimes the musician can stop or irritate movements but in the end he has no chance to really step in. The velocity of changement goes on and what the musician played in the beginning will return later in increasing radicalism.

Commisioned and produced by SPOR festival. Supported by Danish Composers Society and KODA’s Fund for Social and Cultural Purposes.

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