SPOR New Music School
SPOR has initiated SPOR New Music School - a course for kids and young people feeding their creation urge and skills through contemporary music and sound art.

The projects was initiated in 2015 made possible by funding from European Culture Capital Aarhus 2017. On the basis of a series of new collaborations SNMS continues now for the fifth time as part of SPOR festival.

SPOR New Music School 
- contemporary music and sound art for kids and young people

SPOR New Music School (SNMS) is a composition school for young music school students between 11 and 15 years old.

The first edition took place in May 2015. SNMS is a line of intense workshop days where kids from the Central Denmark Region meet and compose new works to be performed at SPOR festival.

Composer and filmmaker Ida Bach Jensen has followed the proces. Watch her film about SPOR New Music School 2017, 2016 and 2015  here.

What happens in 2019? 

Everything culminates May 9-11 2019. Sunday May 11 the students will be ready with brand new compositions for a concert performed with the local ensemble NJYD.

I de koncerter og møder, som eleverne har med komponister og professionelle musikere og ensembler undervejs, bliver temaet diskuteret og anvendt som inspiration for de musikalske udfoldelser.

At SNMS you never work alone. The kids will be gathered together in groups each with their own composition-graduate as a mentor. Together with the SNMS educational leader Østen Mikal Ore they will ensure progress, encouragement, and creative challenges.

What will happen in the future?

SPOR New Music School was originally made possible by a 3-årig funding from the Foundation Aarhus 2017 in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Now, the project is funded by old and new collaborations and we hope that SNMS will live on for many years to come giving kids and young people an annual musical injection.

I want to be part of SNMS!

If you go to one of the local music schools you can sign up through your local school.

If you are a potential partner, music school or just want more information, please contact the festival management.