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Marcela Lucatelli and Bastard Assignments (BR/DK)




NB! IMPOSSIBLE PENETRATIONS has a duration of 35 minutes. Before that Bastard Assigments will perform three shorter works:

“FEED” (2019) by Josh Spear: For four performers and projection.
“dot drip line line 8918: EDGE” (2018) by Caitlin Rowley: Solo.
“Already There” (2018) by Timothy Cape: Voice and objects.

Thrillingly imaginative creators and virtuosic performers, London composers' collective Bastard Assignments is known for challenging the very limits of what a performance can be, quirkily joining the dots between performance art, installation, composition and improvisation.

IMPOSSIBLE PENETRATIONS is Bastard Collective’s first artistic encounter with the radically engaging and dangerously provocative stage art from Brazilian Danish-based composer and vocalist Marcela Lucatelli.

IMPOSSIBLE PENETRATIONS is a scrutinised experience of deranged rendezvous, cultural puzzles and gender inquires. Different scenarios evolve, build on top of each other and create new unexpected perspectives. It is theatre created from the method of music composition: the work has a tight frame which is continually challenged by improvisation and the directions by Marcela Lucatelli.



Godsbanen, Åbne Scene, Skovgaardsgade 3, 8000 Aarhus C
May 10 at 19:30
Duration: 60 minutes


Ticket price: (Standard) 130 Kr., (Young people under 30) 80 kroner.
Note that you get a 25 % discount if you buy three tickets or more for SPOR festival.



Concept, staging and direction: Marcela Lucatelli

Koncept, iscenesættelse og instruktion: Marcela Lucatelli

Performers: Marcela Lucatelli and Bastard Assignments:
Timothy Cape / Edward Henderson / Caitlin Rowley / Josh Spear

Præsenteres i samarbejde med Åbne Scene - Godsbanen