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Christian Windfeld (DK)

Lykkebækken (2019)



NB! “Lykkebækken” is playing as a double feature together with “The Curtain”
Chose between the following showings:
Kl. 13:00: “Lykkebækken” + “The Curtain”
Kl. 13:30: “The Curtain” + “Lykkebækken”
Kl. 17:00: “Lykkebækken” + “The Curtain”
Kl. 17.30: “The Curtain” + “Lykkebækken”

“Lykkebækken” is a solo peice by the Aarhus-based composer and percussionist Christian Windfeld. It is centered around the Chinese water fountain bowl - also known as a Fortune Pan (“Lykkebækken”).

The water fountains were placed outside the temples in the Ming Dynasty period in China to be used for washing hands. You would then rub the handles before entering the temple. Eventually it was discovered that the friction between the wet hands and the handles of the fountain would cause the bowl to vibrate and sound a singing noice and make the water jump up like a small fountain.

The piece “Lykkebækken” circles around the occult origin of the instrument and plays out the contrasts between light and darkness; what is apparently and subconsciously perceived.

The audience is let into a dark room and placed in a half circle. In front of them is the “Lykkebækken” sharply lit by a spotlight pointing directly in to the water - resembling a prehistoric temple scene. Sonically the piece shifts between piercing, microtonal drones, multiphonics, water perparing bells, and primal percussion beats resembling minimal electronic music and Balinese gamelan.



Teater Refleksion, Frederiksgade 72, 8000 Aarhus C
May 11 at 13:00, 13:30, 17:00 and 17:30
Duration in total, double feature: 60 minutes


Ticket price: (Standard) 130 Kr., (Young people under 30) 80 kroner.
Note that you get a 25 % discount if you buy three tickets or more for SPOR festival.

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Composer and performer: Christian Windfeld

Teknician: Anders Ørbæk