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Den 10. - 14. maj 2017 åbnedes dørene igen i Aarhus til SPOR festivals forunderlige univers af ny eksperimenterende musik og lydkunst, denne gang indrammet af temaet EPIPHANY, som dykkede ned i hverdagens magi og mystik. Med temaet ville SPOR undersøge, hvordan hverdagslivet udfolder sig på grænsen mellem det private og det offentlige rum, og hvordan der i dette grænseland og virvar af sociale og fysiske interaktioner (enten langsomt eller) pludseligt kan opstå magiske overraskelser og åbenbaringer. 

Program og kunstnere

Nico Sauer (DE), Brigitta Muntendorf (DE), Ensemble Garage (DE), Zeno van den Broek (NL), Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir (IS), Jagoda Szmytka (PL), Sandra Boss (DK), Ea Borre (DK), Manos Tsangaris (DE), Bent Sørensen (DK), Tomas Espedal (NO), POING (NO), Matthew Rogers (GB), Christian W. Christensen (DK), Leo Hofmann (CH/DE), Caroline Louise Miller (US), Alexander Khubeev (RU), Egyptian Females Experimental Music Session (EG), SCENATET (DK), Århus Sinfonietta (DK) og mange flere.

Se programbogen for SPOR festival 2017 her.



SPOR festival 2016 took place in Aarhus between the 8th and the 15th of May, presenting an abundant concert program, an ambitious exhibition program and a film program. Under the theme and acronym WYSI(N)WYG, the festival explored the connection and the boarder between the physical and the digital realities. A wide range of both national and international artists were presented and joined the exploration and rethinking of the connection between sound, video, performance and scenography, while the audience was invited to get lost in the extrasensory and contrasted works of music and art.

The guest curator of SPOR festival 2016 was the Belgian ensemble Nadar Ensemble.

Program & artists 2016

At SPOR festival 2016 a wide range of national as well as international artists were presented:

Lawrence Malstaff (BE), Agostiono Scipio (IT), Nadar Ensemble (BE), SCENATET (DK), asamisimasa (NO), Zachary Oberzan (US), Natacha Diels (US), Rama Gottfried (US), Christian Skjødt (DK), Allessandro Perini (IT), Leo Hofmann (CH), Jessie Marino (US), Stefan Prins (BE), Alexander Schubert (DE), Eva Reiter (AT), Kaj Duncan David (DK/GB), Michael Beil (DE), Jeppe Ernst (DK), Jennifer Walshe (IE), Mirela Ivicevic (HR/AT), Mathias Kranebitter (AT), Vitalija Glovackyte (LT/GB), Michael Cutting (UK) and many more.



2015 was the year where SPOR festival celebrated its 10-year anniversary. It was celebrated in Aarhus May 7-10th with a packed festival program, which that year was all about allowing artists to rethink and update opera, musical theatre and the history of music.

In 2015 we experienced music and art in brand new ways, when both Danish and international artists challenged and interpreted the traditional practices found within opera and musical drama; we discovered brand new scenographic instruments, 1800Century Lieder expressed in new ways and rewriting of the music history we thought, we knew.

The guest curator in 2015 was the danish composer Simon Steen-Andersen,

Program & artists 2015

On the 10th year of SPOR festival, we had the pleasure to present both international and danish artists; 
Ensemble Adapter (DE), Simon Steen-Andersen (DK), Francois Sarhan (FR), Eivind Buene (NO), Ning (NO), Jennifer Walshe/Grúpat (IR), Simon Løffler (DK), Phill Nilblock (US) & Loré Lixenberg, (UK), Matthew Shlomowitz (UK/AUS), Mette Nielsen (DK), Kammerelektronik (DE), Ensemble Ascolta (DE), Sisters Hope (DK), Niklas Seidl (DE), Christina Messner (DE), Jamie Hamilton (UK) and many more... 



 SPOR 2014: DO IT ANYWAY was inspired by the American music and art scene, with particular focus on New York, which for many years has been characterized by a wide variety of independent artists. Through concerts, sound installations, performances and workshops SPOR festival created a social space for exchange between audience and artists and a visionary platform that demonstrates the potential of new music on the contemporary art scene.

Artist Jennifer Walshe was the guest curator of SPOR festival 2014.

Program & artists 2014

SPOR 2014  presented both Danish and international artists; Christian Winther Christensen (DK), Cikada String Quartet (NO), David Bird (UK), James Andean (FI), James Saunders (UK), Jennifer Walshe (IR), Jens Peter Møller (DK), Jeppe Just Instituttet (DK), Jessie Marino (US), Jonathan Marmor (US), Juliana Hodkinson (UK), Kaj Duncan David (DK), Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki (DK), Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri (GR), Mark Knoop (AUS), Martins Baumanis (LV), Mimitabu (SE), Morten Riis (DK), Niels Rønsholdt (DK), Object Collection (US), Paul McGuire  (IR), Pe Lang (CH), Regin Petersen (DK), SCENATET (DK), Serge Vuille (CH), Simon Løffler (DK), Tony Conrad (US), Ylva Lund Bergner (SE).



invited the audience to explore the peripheries of music. It was possible to hear musical fragments and listen to music with your teeth enjoying new works in brand new concert forms. The theme at SPOR 2013 is the relationship between sound and context - between sound, and those things that surround sound itself, such as silence. The audience experienced how silence and sound ruthlessly exposed their respective limits and sharpened their hearing.

Program & artists 2013

SPOR 2013  presented Danish as well as international artists like Sarah Nemtsov (DE), Yannis Kyriakides (CY), Manos Tsangaris (DE) Simon Steen-Andersen (DK), Claudia Molitor (UK), Niels Rønsholdt (DK), Århus Sinfonietta (DK), Martyna Poznanska (PO), Enno Poppe (DE), Kirsten Reese (DE), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK), Crys Cole (CA), Kroger Kvartetten (DK), Erik Bünger (SE), Ernst Surberg (DE), Håkon Stene (NO), SCENATET 2013 (DK), Lula Romero (ES), Christian Winther Christensen (DK), Petteri Pitko (FIN), Abel Paúl (DE), Simon Løffler (DK), Matthias Schack-Arnott (AUS), Duo Cacio e Pepe (DK/ES), Karolina Öhman (SE), Klaus Lang (AU), Marianthi Papalexandri-Alexandri (GR), Wolfgang Heiniger (CH) og Seth Kim-Cohen (US).



presented artists from all over the world, with compositions, installations and performances relating to this year’s theme: Folk culture. The festival reflected on cultural conceptions and ideological trends, and discusses topical societal issues within an art-musical optic. Contemporary trends were mixed with old – and perhaps forgotten – traditions, while concepts and phenomena such as protest demonstrations, passive consumerism and noise-art were given a close (loving) look.

Program & artists 2012

SPOR 2012  presented a great many works by recognised Danish and international artists – young talents as well as established artists – within new music and sound-art: Marina Rosenfeld (US), Bent Sørensen (DK), Johannes Kreidler (DE), Franck Leibovici (FR), Dreamers Circus (DK), Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen/Marie Højlund (DK), Simon Christensen (DK), S.L.Á.T.U.R. (IS), Eyvind Guldbrandsen/Jullie Hjetland (NO/DK), Hugo Morales (MX/NL), Hafdis Bjarnadottir (IS), Pascal Jardry (SE)/Anna Koch (SE)/Claudia Molitor (UK), Trio Gàman (DK), Kaj Aune (DK), Teitur (FO), Ensemble Zwischentöne (DE), Kundi Bombo (DK) Lina Lapelyte (LT/UK), Anat Ben-David (UK/IL), SCENATET (DK) and Valerie Tevere & Angel Nevarez (US).



 was 4 days of sensuous musical challenges. We placed focus on physicality in contemporary art music and sound art and investigated relations between sound, movement, sensory perception and the body. The audience discovered the body becoming a resonant space and they saw how the body took on the form of a sound-sculpture. Musicians was pressed to physically impossible and uncontrollable actions. The guest curators for SPOR 2011 was 3 leading institutions from Berlin: Kammerensemble Neue Musik, Singuhr Hörgalerie and 

Program & artists 2011

SPOR 2011  presented a range of works and experiences by recognized local and  international as well as young talents within the fields of dance, music and sound art; amongst others: Benoit Maubrey (US/DE), Bent Sørensen (DK), Ellen Fellmann (DE), Joanna Bailie (UK/BE), Joel Cahen (IL/UK), Juliana Hodkinson (UK), Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin (DE), Lynn Pook (FR/DE), Mette Ingvartsen (DK), MoHa (NO), Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen (DK), Simon Steen-Andersen (DK), Sven Åke Johansson (SE/DE), Voz Nueva (DK) and many more. 



 was a festival of 'exploded music'. Friday 7th May to Sunday 9th May the audience's could experience musical works, which dismantled and challenged the musical expression through other media: Movement, environment and the visual. SPOR 2010 was curated by the British composer Joanna Bailie (born 1973, resident in Brussels). The focus point was musical translations which not only mimed, but rather reinforced the musical expression through other practices.

Program & artists

SPOR 2010  presented composers, ensembles  and sound artists: Peter Ablinger (AT), Trond Reinholdtsen (NO), Mozart(!), Åsa Stjerna (SE), Jacob Kirkegaard (DK), Morten Riis (DK), Jana Winderen (NO), Aarhus Sinfonietta (DK), SCENATET (DK), Trio Aristos (DK), Tape That (BE/NE), David Helbich (DE), Páll Ivan Pálsson (IS), Christopher Fox (UK), Jonas Olesen (DK), Helmut Lachenmann (DE), Xavier Le Roy (FR/DE) among others.



SPOR 2009  took place 7, 8, 9 May. The music was heard in Århus’ city-space and the three festival days presented street criers in the Old Town, works in the city-space, a Georgian male choir in the open and much more. SPOR 2009 was curated by the composer Bent Sørensen. With the human voice and public city-space as a point of departure Sørensen had put together a program with both promising young and internationally recognized composers from locally and abroad.

Program & artists 2009

SPOR 2009  presented Georges Aperghis (Gr/Fr), Beat Furrer (Au), Helmut Oehring (De), Erik Bünger (S), Niels Rønsholdt (DK), Christian Winther Christensen (DK), Neue Vocalsolisten (D), Rustavi Choir (Ge), FIGURA (DK), Esbjerg Ensemble (DK), SCENATET (DK), Århus Symphony Orchestra, Jakob Kullberg and Lore Lixenberg amongst others.



SPOR 2008 was a 24 Hour Experiment with concerts, sound installations, video art, workshops, eating and overnight accommodation. The festival started May 9th at 16:00 and ended precisly 24 hours later. It all happened in the Concert Hall Aarhus.

Program & artists

SPOR 2008  presented Vienna Vegetable Orchestra (Au), Staalplaat Soundsystem (NL),asamisimasa (N), Rebecca Saunders (UK), Hanna Hartmann (S), CuriousChambers Players (S), Brandon Labelle (US/DK), Carl Emil Carlsen (DK),DYGONG (DK), SCENATET (DK) and Aarhus Symphonic Orchestra.



SPOR 2007  took place from May 10th -13th and was curated by Anna Berit Asp Christensen and Anne Marqvardsen. With the title COMPOSING WHAT?, the festival challenged the traditional concert and sought after alternative forms of presentation. COMPOSING WHAT? focused on the performing composer and called for participation and commitment.

Program og kunstnere

The artists who took part were amongst the top international representatives of their fields: Christian Marclay (USA), Zeena Parkins (USA), Ikue Mori (USA) Natasha Barrett (No), Benedict Mason (UK), Cecile Babiole (F),  Kaj Aune (No), djTRIO, Atau Tanaka (Ja), Ivo Nilsson (S), SENSORS_SONICS_SIGHTS (F/Ja), Frank Ollu (F), erikm (F) and Jennifer Walshe (Ir).  Denmark was represented by Jacob Anderskov, Bjørn Svin, Juliana Hodkinson, Maria-Laurette Friis, Jonas Olesen, Jakob Riis, Henriette Groth, Braad Owe, The Ghettoblaster Ensemble, Ensemble 2000 and Aarhus Symphony Orchestra.


SPOR 2006 took place from the 4th to 7th of May and was curated by the British composer Edward Jessen. SPOR festival 2006 focused on the ability of sound to tell its own story.

The first SPOR festival was curated by the Danish composer Niels Rønsholdt. It took place from the 4th to the 8th of May 2005.